What's your worth?

The thing I like about Christian fiction is the fact that sometimes an author shares an example of Christian living that speaks to me. In Shackles the author Dianne Wilson shares a conversation between a less-than-perfect young adult son and his faithful mother. Here is the Reader's Digest version.

“Give me a twenty-dollar bill from your wallet,” his mother said.


“I just want to show you something.”

He handed over the money, looking dubious. Faith held up the money and asked, “What is this?”

“That’s stupid. It’s a twenty-dollar bill.”

“And what can you buy with it?”

He answered, “A good pizza, maybe a CD? Lots of stuff.”

Faith said nothing but scrunched the note up into a tiny ball. Holding it out in the palm of her hand, she asked again, “What is this?”

“It’s still a twenty-dollar bill.” “What can you buy with it?”

“Same stuff as before,” Jason said, his words tinged with frustration.

Faith took the balled up bill and dipped it in Jason’s cold coffee. Then she tossed it onto the wooden slats of the deck and proceeded to grind it underfoot.

Jason’s mouth hung open. “Mom!”

Faith was laughing as she held up the soggy, screwed up note. “What is this, Jason?”

“It’s still a twenty-dollar bill. I can still buy lots of stuff with it.”

Faith then carefully straightened the note and tore it almost in two. She held it up by a corner, the bottom half dangling precariously.

Jason reached out to grab the money. “Hey, that’s mine!”

Faith held it just out of his reach and raised her eyebrows. Jason answered her unasked question. “It’s still a twenty-dollar bill and I can still buy stuff with it. What’s your point?”

Faith gently held the soiled, torn bill in her hand. “My son, it doesn’t matter how much you’ve been bruised, crushed or torn apart by life, you are still everything God created you to be. You haven’t lost an ounce of your worth in His eyes. All that He asks is that you surrender your life into His hands so that He can heal you.”

Have you been hurt by life, feel broken our unloved? God gave you value at your creation, before you were even born. You still have all that that worth, and God is just waiting for you to reach out to Him.

Have a blessed week my friends. Remember that God does love you.


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