Praying for our cities

Though there may be more than one, there is a city in need of our prayers. This city is one of the fastest growing, due to the influx of immigrants, mostly Muslim. Unemployment is the norm, thus drugs, crime and assault are rampant.

It is not safe to be out at night, and in some sections, it is not safe to be out at all. The major high school has students that speak 30 different languages, many of them speak no English. The teachers are frustrated over lack of textbooks, supplies, and high student numbers. The building is crumbling around them, but no effort is being made to repair or replace it. The kids are simply passed up at the end of each academic year, thus graduating with no education and a fifth grade reading level. That is, if they live to see graduation.

Where is this city? Somewhere in Africa? Maybe the Middle East? No! This city is Baltimore, Maryland. Pastor Nehemiah and his wife Rose and their three children live and work in this environment. From Liberia, Pastor Nehemiah was raised during political turmoil and government upheaval. This rivals any discrimination he saw in Liberia.

Any Christian sentiment in his area of Baltimore is quickly stomped out. No Christian faith is permitted in the primarily Muslim high school. He has been trying to rent space for a church and no one will rent to him. His children were attacked and seriously injured. All of this here, in the United States.

I am not sure what I hope to accomplish with this post, other than to tell you what you already know: our nation is in serious trouble. There are many hotspots like Baltimore around the country where the simple act of wearing your cross on a necklace or giving thanks for your food in a restaurant can lead to a serious beating.

We need to stand strong in our faith. Pray for those serving in these “foreign” and unsafe lands like Baltimore. Pray for the families that live there, fearful to show their faith. Pray for the children who believe they have no hope, no future, thus crime and drugs are their only escape from an intolerable life.

Thanks for letting me rant. I ache for my fellow Christians, and yet God knows their plight. He can and will send protection around them.

Please pray with me - Regina

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