Tell me your fasting stories

Have you ever been led to fast? I never have until now. Many weeks ago my minister spoke on II Chronicles 20, what do we do when we are under attack. During the message he mentioned fasting.

I always thought of fasting as an all-or-nothing kind of thing. You know, eat nothing but liquids for a specific time, perhaps a day or two. I listened in interest as my pastor gave me a new spin on fasting. He said fasting can be giving up anything important to us (a meal a week, television on Friday night) to tell God that we are preparing to hear His voice. God will not speak to us unless we are ready to hear.

I have thought of that description of fasting often over the past few months. I am experiencing health issues and I have an appointment at Johns Hopkins Medical Center on July 26-27. I have been given a diagnosis that is 80 percent firm, but more than anything, I need a definite diagnosis so that I can move from denial, where I am lingering. I need to see the right doctors, have them order the correct tests, meet with the right consultants. All of this in my scheduled two days.

Appointments are being orchestrated for me, but I need God to oversee the plans, to make sure everything that will bring about a proper diagnosis will happen. So I am fasting.

Thirty days before my appointments I began abstaining from all sweets. If you know me, you know sweets are my main-stay. No Oreos. No ice cream. No syrup on my pancakes. No chocolate. NO CHOCOLATE! I am using this small sacrifice as a gift to God, asking Him to intervene on my behalf, to move the pieces for me.

I don’t know if God honors this type of gift or not. I don’t know if this is something He smiles at, or frowns on. But I feel a need to do it, so I am following my heart, believing the Holy Spirit is at work in me.

I am a private person, and sharing this has been hard.

Have you ever fasted and what were the results for you? I covet your prayers on July 26-27.

In Love, Regina

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