God cares for us all

Last week I shared that I am abstaining from sweets as a gift to God. My prayer is that He will accept this gift and pave the way for me at Johns Hopkins. I started the mini-fast. In the mornings I give thanks for the opportunities to be a sacrificial giver during the day. At night I pray in thanks for success in being able to give up whatever specific items I passed on that day.

All was well until I heard Pastor Nehemiah speak on his service for God. His prayers were for personal safety in a Muslim community. For housing in an area where no one wanted to rent to a Christian family. Other huge issues.

I left feeling foolish for bothering God with my selfish request. Who was I to bother God when the world is falling apart all around me? God has His mighty hands full without me pestering Him like a spoiled child.

I continued my mini-fast but less secure in my faith that God is honoring my prayer. We went camping and we attended church at the campground. While sitting in a folding chair in the Henhouse/church, I listened to the pastor speak on Matthew 19:13-14. He was using the scripture as a kick-off for the campground VBS, but I heard a very different message.

Here is what I heard:

Jesus was surrounded by hard-working self-sacrificing people with real needs. Children tried to approach Jesus but the apostles stopped them. “Don’t you know Jesus is too busy with big needs to be concerned over your childish wishes?” Jesus rebuked His apostles, saying, “Let the little children come to me. I have time for them too. Heaven is filled with children just like these. “

I am a child. I am not doing a great work, but I am doing what God made me to do. God loves His little children (me!) and has time for them. He cares about their needs, their hurts, and their wishes. A huge washing of relief spread over me, right there in the Henhouse!

And so I continue to abstain from sweets, and give God thanks each morning and night. My prayer is still for His intervention at Johns Hopkins. He may choose to say no, and I will not understand, but I know I am His child and He has a reason that I will understand when I grow up.

Do you ever feel God doesn’t have time to bother with your silly prayers? You are wrong! God is your Father and He is eager to listen to your needs and grant you good things.

Have peace this week as you live in God’s love, Regina

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