Thanks for coming along for the ride

To all of you who have been following me on my journey toward discovering a diagnosis for my symptoms and my recent trip to John’s Hopkins Medical Center, thank you. I am thankful for my friend who mobilized her prayer partners on my behalf, of my friend who engaged her small group, and others who included me on their church’s prayer chains. Most of all, thank you all for the individual prayers. I felt wrapped in love during those couple of tough days.

As for the progress, well, I wanted an answer. I abstained from sweets (my love) for a month in supplication. I prayed in earnest for some resolution to my increasing weakness and shortness of breath. I feared seeking prayer warriors was wrong when my issue was so small. I was wrong. I feared God would not accept my offering, but He did.

John’s Hopkins is a massive place, not all in one location. Highway traffic is heavy. Getting from building to building is like walking in a maze. My daughter Kim took time from work to make the journey with us, drove us in the nightmare traffic, served as navigator on the hospital campus, and fed us snacks as the hours dragged on. Every appointment went smoothly.

I felt listened-to and sensed an urgency on the providers’ parts to help me. However, one question answered led to a new question, another test, another wrinkled brow. I did not get the firm diagnosis I wanted, but God put me on a path of care. I am to return to JHMU in September for an MRI of muscle and spine, another pulmonary function test, and appointments with the muscle and nerve specialist and the pulmonologist. It will be another two long days.

Kim is going with my husband and me while daughter Lori is stuck taking care of my house and pets, along with her own, during our time away. My boys, Mike and Jim, are keeping me covered in prayer and my spirit filled with text messages of love. I have such great kids!

Husband Paul has been with me through this journey and I am sure he is as tired of it as I am.

Would I use fasting again as a gift to God while I pray for His intervention? Soundly, yes. When I look at all that could have gone wrong, and realize nothing did, I know His hand covered the process. I know I tend to limit God. I want things done, but I want them in my way. God has been reminding me that He is in control, not me. I rejoice that I have a Heavenly Father that loves me so much!

If you are having trials (and who isn’t), petition God for help. Seek prayer warriors on your behalf. Keep yourself wrapped in the love of Christian friends and family.

In the meantime, Pelican Books has purchased my third novel for publication. Light of Logan is expected out within the next eight to nine months! A photo of the cover art is shown. I can't wait and hope you'll enjoy this book about what it means to be a part of God's family. I am currently working on my fourth novel. Pray with me that I'll stay focused to finish the task!

God has a plan for us, so buckle your seat belt and get ready for our ride!



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