As a writer, I should know better!

I have been mopey lately, self-involved and lowly motivated. I can’t blame it on bad weather, as the summer is my absolute favorite time of year and God has sent an abundance of sunny days my way. In spite of the season, my prayers have been self-seeking and my thoughts have tended to wander to my own needs. I am such a babe-in-Christ, even after all these years!

Though I thought my attitude wasn’t hurting anyone, I read II Corinthians 3:3. It stopped me in my tracks!

“You … are a letter from Christ … written not in ink but with the Spirit of God; not written on tablets of stone but on the human heart.” As a writer, I should have known better! I am a letter to the world! Well, at least to my part of the planet.

I started thinking about what my letter to the world was saying: Frowny face. Sad eyes. Slumped shoulders. Big sigh, maybe an eye-roll or two. Yep, a cheerful letter. Susie Sunshine, that’s me. That’s what my letter said to anyone reading it. My “readers” who are not in Christ must wonder why they should bother listening to my testimony of words. Obviously my love of God does not bring me joy.

I am a letter to the world! Powerful words with huge consequences, so I am going to clean up my act.

My letter needs to show more than doom and gloom. I need to represent in my face, in my actions, and in my thoughts the blessings I have been given. I need to get back to loving, to praying for others’ needs, to offering a hand of help.

We are such fragile spiritual beings. We fluctuate with the issues of the day, forgetting our Father is ever faithful. Are you in a blue funk right now? Maybe there are legitimate issues pressing you down. Maybe it’s the abundant sunshine and you are a cold and cloudy type person.

After all, Christ died for us and we have the promise of eternity in the most magnificent place ever – Heaven. We have no excuse for writing downer-letters to the world – ever!

Hope this week brings your smile back!

Blessings, Regina

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