Learning to serve

My life belongs to the Lord. I made this commitment many years ago at my baptism. I have quietly re-committed my life to God over the years, whatever God wants of me, I am here. So far God has given me an easy life and has expected little in return.

I have willingly served according to the gifts God gave me and as the opportunity led. I have taken an active role in my local church congregation since my teen years. I keep active doing what I can, and I know this pleases God.

Now I have a dilemma. I can no longer serve in the same ways as I always have. I don’t have enough breath to teach, stamina to serve the youth, go on mission trips, or other ventures that take physical strength. But I can’t find anywhere in God’s word that says when our physical circumstances change, we can quit serving. So what do I do?

My life belongs to the Lord. That hasn’t changed. Whatever God wants of me, I am here. That remains true. What I take from this is that God has plans for me that no longer include what I have done in the past. My minister, Tim Coker, had a great statement one Sunday that addressed this issue. He said we must “take our place (seat) in His agenda, allowing Him to use us (in our unique ways) to touch the lives of others.”

My unique ways are changing. I will listen for God’s voice, expecting that He will talk to me in my quietness, and lead me to new adventures. I am not sure how God plans to use me in my brokenness, but I know He will. I have that promise.

Ready for some fun? Let God plan the next phase of your life. You never know what He will come up with, and I am sure it will be amazing.

Have a blessed week, Regina

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