God's will ... not mine ... not yours ...

Have you ever had a dream get bashed to pieces, absolutely crushed underfoot so nothing is left of it? I think all of us have at one time or another had a dream, or a plan, or an activity that seemed important, but in spite of every effort on our part, it never happened.

Think about it. Have you ever said, “I never planned on my life being like this,” or “I never imagined my son/daughter would turn against me,” or “I always imagined I would be more successful,” or “how can God take away what is most important to me?”

Add any tag you want to my list. Each of us has experienced disappointments, the loss of how we expected life to happen, financial loss, physical loss, social loss or loss of a deeply hidden dream.

When life doesn’t happen how we have it mapped out, sometimes our first act is to question God. Why did you not answer this prayer? Why did you take this away? Why didn’t you allow this to come about? I prayed and you did not hear my words. Now, see my pain?

We are not alone in our misery. The Bible shares story after story of people of God who prayed, and their circumstances did not change. But the Bible is unique in that we can read on and see the bigger picture, the reason God allowed the unwanted situation to happen, the bigger good that came from one person’s suffering.

I sit here thinking about the victims of hurricanes in Texas and Florida and know how blessed I am. I think about those suffering intractable pain, and am grateful for the ease of my life. Yet I question God about loss of muscle, family squabbles, and the fact that I don’t own a beach home! I am pathetic at times.

Whatever else, I know that God’s plan is bigger than me. I have a part to play, and God will equip me to do it. If my circumstances don’t mirror what I envision my life should be, then I am envisioning a part that God does not feel is necessary.

Apparently, I don’t need a beach house to play the part assigned to me. I am honored to be in God’s plan, to have a specific and special role that only I can meet.

Dear friends, how easy it is to become discouraged when life does not go as planned. Be reminded that if you are listening to God’s voice, your life is going exactly as God intends. And because you are living in His will, He gives you great joy once you rid yourself of your self-imposed thoughts.

Pray this week that God will clarify His will in your life, and that you will find joy from it.

Blessings in the midst of adjusting, Regina

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