How do you hide encouragement?

On a recent camping trip one of the maintenance workers showed a painted stone to my husband and me. He said earlier in the summer a lady had painted them and hid them throughout the campground for others to find.

Paul and I looked for the rocks as we wandered around, and we found one propped against a tree trunk by the lake. I felt like we had found a hidden treasure!

Now I discover that painting and hiding rocks is a national phenomenon. Our local newspaper ran an article about the “rock obsession” in Darlington. The rock painters-hunters even have a Facebook page! Rocks painted in Darlington have been found and re-hidden in ten eastern states, and one even traveled to Australia!

I may have to buy some paint and sealer, find some smooth river rocks, and give it a try. What a great way to spread some joy, and a bit of my faith at the same time.

I can paint simple flowers and insects, and include a short message of encouragement. Who knows, it may be something as simple as a hidden rock that brings a smile to a struggling heart.

Do you want to join me? Maybe I will hide my rocks in Ohio and Pennsylvania as I travel, and all the rest areas in between! Maybe you will find one, and it will lift your spirits. Keep it or re-hide it as you want.

Have a blessed week. Be a source of encouragement to someone else.


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