Living as lights during tough times

One of my favorite praise songs is Days of Elijah. Every time I sing it, I can see Jesus riding through the clouds on a white horse.

If you are not familiar with the song, or even if you are, visit Hillsong's Days of Elijah on YouTube. Here are the words ...

These are the days of Elijah

Declaring the Word of the Lord

And these are the days of Your servant, Moses

Righteousness being restored

And though these are days of great trials

Of famine and darkness and sword

Still we are the voice in the desert crying

"Prepare ye the way of the Lord"

Behold He comes riding on the clouds

Shining like the sun at the trumpet call

Lift your voice, it's the year of jubilee, Out of Zion's hill salvation comes.

We are living in times of famine, and darkness and war. I think of my friends in Puerto Rico living in devastation right now, without even the basic utilities or services. I think of our missionary in Baltimore struggling to meet his family’s needs as he works with Muslims.

I think of what is going on in our nation as we work to find acceptance between our races. I think of women in third world countries who are viewed as possessions.

More than ever, Christians need to be the voice calling God’s message. We must be the light on the hill declaring salvation. Someday we will actually see Christ riding through the clouds. For Christians, that will be a day of great joy.

We are called to be a voice in the desert of darkness, wherever that place is for each of us. Do you live your life so that those around you see something special, a joy that they want for themselves?

Please pray for our times of darkness that the light of Christ will be seen through us.

Blessings to each of you, Regina

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