Even if you are the only one ...

I write a story for each of my grandchildren at Christmas. The stories usually start “once upon a time” and each child has the lead roles in his or her book. I want to write a story today just for you.

Once upon a time God created Adam and Eve. Soon Adam and Eve became curious about each other, found out the curiosity was fun, and eventually you were born. You were such a bundle of joy, wrapped in your fig-leaf blanket.

You grew and prospered in The Garden. All the animals loved you, and the plants seemed to sparkle at your touch. One day you played a trick on the turtle. You tied his food to a vine, and each time the turtle went to take a bit of tasty fruit, you pulled it just out of his reach. Oh, the look on Turtle’s face! It was so much fun that you created more tricks, until day to night all you did was fool one animal or another.

Mom and Dad watched all of this with concern. Dad tried to assure Mom that all would be fine, the animals would forgive the pranks eventually. But the animals didn’t, and one day the zebra approached you. He wanted an apology. You refused. It resulted in a fight, and the zebra ended up dead.

God watched from His throne in Heaven. He heaved a heavy sigh. What was He to do? You had moved beyond playful to sinful.

One little trick at a time had created a barrier between you and Heaven. With sin staining you, you could never enter the home God had prepared for you. God wanted you to someday join Him in Heaven. He had prepared all your favorite things, just for you!

There was only one way. A pure and perfect sacrifice would wash away the sin in your life and return you to your perfect state. But as God looked around Earth, as wonderful as it was, there was nothing perfect enough to remove your stain. Then Jesus walked by God’s throne. They looked into each other’s eyes, and shook their heads in agreement.

Down on earth, you met this strange new human. Nice enough guy, but who needs him? Life was grand without him. You ignored Jesus as long as you could, but finally the guy pushed your last nerve. He had to go. You built a snare out of a thorny vine and attached it to a tall tree. You watched and waited … and then he stepped into the snare and you pulled!

The sky darkened and the soil beneath your feet shook. The voice of God spoke, “That is my son. He is the only one spotless enough to be your sacrifice.”

The son of God? “I didn’t ask him to come!” you yell.

“You don’t ask for the sweet honey that you eat, or the sunrise that greets you every morning, and yet I willingly give them. My love for you is so great I have withheld nothing from you, not even my son.”

I always have a moral to the story I write my grand kids. The moral of your story? God so loved you that He gave His only son that if you believe on Him you shall not perish but have everlasting life.

God so loved the world. Even if the only person in the world was you, God still would have sent Jesus. He loves you that much.

Have a blessed week knowing you are loved ... Regina

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