Loving those family ties

I spent a week in Pennsylvania helping my mom and dad. I became the cook and dish washer. My goal was to put some meals in the freezer that my dad could pop in the oven or put in the microwave. At 90 years of age, he tires easily and still cares for my mother, who suffers with incapacitating arthritis.

On Saturday, my sister came over and we cooked together. We floundered around in an unfamiliar kitchen, hunting for staples like flour and salt. We laughed, and stirred, and measured and poured. We plotted and planned, strategized and spilled. We mopped and laughed some more. Eventually we managed to get about thirty meals in the freezer.

I am grateful that God created the concept of family. Even though distance separates my parents and my sister from me, nothing diminishes the love. For months at a time I may not see them, but I know they have my back, as I have theirs.

At one time my parents did most of the caring, now it is my turn. Even though my sister and I have had our share of disagreements, sibling ties are strong. Friends are left behind, even when we intend to keep in touch, but family is always family, no matter where you move, what you do, or how time changes circumstances.

I will cling to the hours I spent with my parents. I will hold close my sister’s laughter. I am grateful for my family. As I am preparing this post, I find that I do not have a recent picture of my sister and me. The one I am using is from almost 20 years ago! I will remedy the lack of sisterly pictures the next time I am in Pennsylvania!

God has given us so many blessings. What do you cling to? What are you grateful for?

Have a blessed week, Regina

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