Put your quirks to good use

I have a mind that tends to wander. I see or hear something and it triggers a thought, and that leads to a trail of thoughts, and soon my thoughts are somewhere other than where they should be. This happens in church, too.

My minister’s messages are pertinent, applicable and interesting, but occasionally a key word will send me down a rabbit trail I seem unable to avoid. To help keep me on-task, I take notes during the sermons. This helps my mind stay with my hand.

Here is what happens in church, pen in hand. Sermon title. Scripture. Tim’s thoughts. My thoughts – I usually arrow them out to the side.

If someone were to review my notes, it would seem that Pastor Tim creates fragmented messages that made no sense, or I am a horrible note-taker. Neither is true, and only a wondering mind like mine can understand my gibberish. Woven within Pastor Tim’s message is the message I am hearing.

Maybe Dan Brown of Angels and Demons fame would see my notes and infer a hidden message penned within. Maybe, like the Masons, I have knowledge so powerful that I am forced to set it in code until the day it is safe to reveal it to the world.

I feel like I have gone down a rabbit trail with this blog. What am I trying to say, exactly? God created me, and He created this disjointed mind of mine. My thoughts lead to additional thoughts and usually result in some Bible research later in the week. Occasionally I take a topic to a conclusion. Other times not.

Since Pastor Tim seldom reads my blog, I feel free to share this undisciplined church behavior with you, dear readers. If you have a quirk in your personality that seems out-of-sync, God may have put it there for you to enjoy.

As for me, rather than fretting over my occasional inattentiveness on Sunday mornings, I revel in the learning that takes place from somewhere deep inside me. I have Tim’s notes plus the wandering of that powerful subconscious mind. I like to think I am finding the meat of the scriptures.

Enjoy your quirks. I know you have them! I have seen yours and have spent time mulling over their hidden meaning! This week after Thanksgiving, may you continue to give praise for your blessings, even if they are unique.


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