Share your new year journey with God

In the first week of January, time stretches ahead like a road moving toward a secret destination. Twelve months of hope to fill. Three hundred and sixty-five days to live out my dreams! Anything can be around the next bend, and for the most part I embrace the trip with eagerness, willing to let the past year’s trials and pain fade behind me.

I remember as a teen facing the unknown. What career would I choose? Who would I marry? How many children would I have?

Where would we live? I loved to mull over the future and plan scenarios of what-might-be with enthusiasm. I embraced the future. I welcomed it.

Each January I have the opportunity to re-live the excitement I felt back then. What will the new year bring? Who will I meet? What will God challenge me to do? Where will I go on my road to December?

There will be sadness I am sure, and angst, and fear. Money and health may be issues. Loss is sure to be my companion for part of the trip. But along the way I need to wipe the tears and look around me. God placed my road in a beautiful spot.

There will be friends with me, old and new. There will be laughter and happiness and newness. There will be blessings I can’t begin to imagine in January.

The road called 2018 has valleys and hills, pot-holes and curves among the straight and smooth. Embrace your road. Prepare for your journey with prayer. Grip tight to your road map, the Bible.

Accept the journey God has gifted you with, knowing He will be your companion along the way. He is your friend, He will hold your hand, wipe your tears, share those wonderful high-five’s, and rejoice in the happiness.

I pray for straight and smooth for all of you, and that you will allow God to share your journey.

Blessings, Regina

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