Being created through pressure

My daughter gave me an Instant Pot for Christmas. I wasn’t sure I wanted one. I am not big on new gadgets. I remember my husband, back in the 1970s, trying to convince me we needed a microwave. Now, I use it daily.

I figured I would have to learn how to cook all over again, and how fast would this old dog learn new tricks? As it works out – FAST. I have cooked vegetables, meat, stews, grains and more so far, and I LOVE IT. At this moment I have a chicken cooking. It has seven minutes remaining. I will de-bone, freeze the nicely cooked meat, and have it ready for quick meals.

The Instant Pot, in order to cook the food, must build up steam. Then the pressure inside the pot presses on the food, and the change happens, from raw to yummy!

I can apply my Instant Pot to life. We want easy lives, no conflict, no problems, no PRESSURE. If we lived a life like this, we would end up raw, unchanged. It is only by problems, challenges, hurts and pains that the pressure builds and our lives change. We become people that God can use, not the raw meat that soon spoils. Without pressure, we would not have the capacity to serve God to our fullest.

No one wants problems. No one wants a life full of tension. But twist your thinking, if you can, and look at the hardships as the pressure that is molding you into the person God wants you to be.

My Instant Pot eventually releases the steam. When God is done, he, too, will release your steam.

Have a blessed week, with the steam getting released as soon as possible!


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