Getting through, one problem to another

I was once told the worst problem you will ever have is the one you are currently having. For years I didn’t understand, but it has become clear.

Consider the Israelites. They were slaves until God told Moses to lead them out of Egypt. As slaves, they worked hard, were beaten, and had no freedom. But once in the wilderness, they forgot the hardships and focused on the new crisis. Gone was the memory of enslavement, replaced by the rumbling of hungry bellies.

God answered their prayer for release from captivity, but now free, they forgot. God, in His patience, answered their need again and sent manna to ease their hunger. The Israelites did not know what manna was. They looked at Moses in anger, God sent us frost? Moses explained manna and instructed the people on its use.

The Israelites had to work to ease their hunger. God didn’t send prepared loaves of steaming hot bread. He sent the ingredients. Easing their hunger depended on faith to use a substance they had never seen before. Imagine the frustration of the women as they gathered the little bits of fluff. What in the world am I to do with this? I’ll bake it, but it will never work. It can’t taste good …

Many of us are more like the Israelites than we want to admit. We pray for resolution to a problem, the problem goes away, and we forget God’s intervention. We go on to pray for help with the next problem. God sends manna, but we don’t recognize it.

God sends manna by putting people in our lives just when we need them, often the last person(s) we would expect. He sends manna by moving us into the right place at the right time for that job we had been praying for. He sends manna by giving us opportunities that require risk, faith that God is in control and will show the way.

Maybe it’s a move to a new location, changing jobs, or committing to a time of prayer daily so we can be blessed. God provides the manna, but we, in faith, must take the action.

Whatever your problems or issues are today, they are the worst that you have ever had because they are now. If you are praying in faith for God’s help, He will provide. The question is, will you recognize the manna?

Have a blessed, full-belly week -- Regina

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