Hiding behind the shield

This morning I listened to the news until I became sick of the negativism and turned it off. Surrounding us appears to be political turmoil, natural and manmade disasters, threats of bombs from North Korea and fear of chemical warfare from the Middle East. Add to that, another horrific shooting in a high school.

We live with ever-increasing floods, earthquakes, tornadoes and mudslides. We have homegrown terrorism, disrespectful populations, and financial calamities. Drugs are rampant in our small towns as well as our large cities. Evil appears at each turn. Where are we to go in the face of such negativity that has become part of our daily diet?

Scripture tells us that God holds the hearts of kings (and North Korean rulers) in his hand (Proverbs 21:1), so none of these disasters or problems take God by surprise. Turning to scripture is a Christian's safe haven; it is our go-to place.

God is a Christian's shield; nothing touches a Christian without first passing through the hand of God.

I am reminded of Psalms 3 where David complains to God that so many people rise up against him, and he has so many problems, only to conclude by acknowledging that God is the shield of protection around him. I once imagined the feeling of angel-wings covering me when I was in special need of comfort.

I complain about the negativism, evil, disasters and the sickness that seems to flood around me. But like David, I need to acknowledge that God is my shield and nothing touches me, not danger or hunger or sickness, that God does not know about first. It gives me comfort to know that God is the clearinghouse.

All things go through Him and must work into His plan before they can touch me. It makes a big difference to my reaction in times of crisis.

Take the week to think about how you allow God to protect you, and how you avail yourself of His comfort. I can’t imagine a life outside of Christ.

All the best, Regina

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