Doing great things for God!

I have spent most of my life wanting to do great things for the Lord. You know, something more than the usual teaching of Sunday School and working in the nursery. I chose nursing as a career by accident really, and found some solace in helping the ill, but still, the need to do something great for the Lord remained.

As my Christian walk matured I realized that what the world, and thus I, consider great, may not be so great to God, the One who can do everything. And what I proclaimed as being mundane may be the very act that God has prepared me to perform. I have kept this in mind as I serve in the mundane ways.

Just this week my pastor said something that brought all of this home to me. He said, “God must be allowed to do something in us before He can do something through us.”

I have had it wrong all along! Instead of praying that God would use me, I should also have been praying that God would change me to conform more perfectly in His will. This is a huge leap. God cannot use me until I allow Him to change me.

I think back to my student nurse days, and have attached a picture of the day we received our student nurse uniforms. We were so proud. I had so much to learn.

I had so much growing to do before I could help anyone else. The process was not easy. At times it was down-right painful, like the day one of my instructors told me I would never make a good nurse and should quit and choose another profession! I hung in there, and ended up being a fine nurse, but only after changing.

I don’t know what God has in mind, but my prayer today is that He will do something in me so that He can do something thru me. Godly discipline is hard, but I am practiced up and ready!

I hope you will allow God to change you into the person He wants to use.

Have a blessed week, Regina

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