Where's our focus?

The speaker at a workshop I recently attended said something that has caught hold in my brain: “What we focus on grows larger. We may focus on good things or the bad in our lives. Neither changes in scale, but by our attention, the issue grows larger.”

So we need to focus on how amazing and important we are. You don’t believe you are amazing and important? Consider this:

God intended for you to be born in this time for a specific reason. In order to accomplish His goal, He protected your lineage for thousands of years in order for you to be born. He had to protect your ancestors from starvation, disease, world wars, epidemics like the flu, random illnesses, accidents and mishaps.

For thousands of years He protected YOUR FAMILY SO YOU COULD BE BORN. One single missing link out of hundreds and you would not have happened.

My daughter, who was very timid as a child, wanted to try out for junior-high cheer leading. I could just see it, my tiny little girl shuffling out into the gym and muttering her cheer while hesitantly doing her motions. This was not going to be good.

I gave her the only advice I could think of. “Go out in that gym as though you own the place. Act like you are the most important person on two legs!”

What we focus on grows larger. As she mentally prepared, reminding herself that she was all-that, she became ALL-THAT! She earned a spot on the junior-high squad, and continued to be a cheerleader into college. What you think IS powerful!

What are you focusing on today? Are there things that are bumming you out? Do you miss the spring flowers because you are focusing on the mud? Are you one place when you want to be somewhere else? WHAT YOU FOCUS ON GROWS LARGER. I challenge you this week to find the good, find the perfect, find the blessed things in your life and focus on them. Keep the negative tucked away, preventing it from overtaking your life.

Give God your problems. Free yourself to see the good. You are amazing, the best person who has ever been born. Remember that!

Blessings, Regina

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