Song of my heart

Music allows words to convey more than words alone can. I had the opportunity to view a Youtube video recently that touched my heart.

If you are a born-again Christian, you want to do God’s will. You want to hear the voice of the Lord and go where He wants to send you. The problem with me is that I expect to hear tough things, like go on a mission trip, or sell all my goods and give all my money to the poor.

Although God has the right to ask this, more times than not He is asking us to go somewhere much closer and do something much more simple. These are the things I don’t hear while straining to catch the hard calling. A hard calling may not be what God has planned for me.

I have attached the link to this amazing Youtube version that says all the things I cannot express to you. The pictures are perfect, as are the words. Please take the time to listen to this song and watch this video.

If a commercial pops up, you know the drill. Skip it when you can and want to. When you click on the song title, the video may open at the end of the song. If so, drag the red line back to the right to hear the complete song. Enjoy!

Here I am Lord

Let me know how this song affects your thinking about God's call on your life.

Blessings, Regina

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