No miles today

We are having a great trip. I just talked to my daughter. My granddaughter, who is in charge of watering my houseplants and the small vegetable garden outside, is watering anything that is green. I may have a water bill the size of the national debt when I get home, BLESS HER!

Day two April 13 (Friday the 13th!) We've made no miles today (at least none in the camper). When I got up this morning I realized why we had such troubles yesterday. We were practicing for Friday the 13th! But this day has gone smoothly. Remember those broken eggs of yesterday? Voila` scrambled eggs for breakfast! I also found bread and English Muffins in the refrigerator that I didn’t unpack from the shake-down trip the week before. All is good.

Day two is our off-day, a chance to explore in Pigeon Forge. Of course, being in a motor home and lacking a car, the options can be limited. However, in an attempt to reduce traffic, which was ridiculous even in this off-season, the city has trolleys you can ride for a small fee.

With limited time, we wanted to see something other than shopping places, and took the trolley to an old grist mill turned tourist area. Lots of neat shops. We may come back some time and participate in iron-forging. We can make our own knife! Wahoo!!

While at the mill area we bought our first small gift (I owe my daughter big-time) and we ate lunch out (splurge) at the Mill. Amazing food. Apparently I didn’t read the menu very well. I thought I ordered grilled shrimp on rice. I got grilled shrimp on rice, mashed potatoes, a ton of green beans, yummy corn chowder, biscuits, hush puppies and sweet tea. That ground beef I left in the sink to thaw for supper? I put it back in the refrigerator. We can snack-it-out tonight. I love eating in places with atmosphere, and this place had it, inside and out. This was the view from our window.

Some of the interesting things we saw were roller coasters wrapping up and down the mountain, lots of places selling moonshine, and rocks. Many beautiful wonderful rocks. Too bad they weigh so much! Great views of the Smoky Mountains. Beautiful. And I love the cabins that dot the ridges. What a view they must have.

Paul is scraping bugs off the windshield of the motor home right now. The sun is setting on a very warm and sunny day. I might do some writing for a while tonight. I think my West Virginian and Pennsylvanian mountain roots are coming out. I could live here, up in some holler somewhere in a log cabin if my family lived closer. But I just can’t give up my family.

Still on budget, even with my lunch splurge of $30. Tomorrow is our longest driving day, 400 miles. We will end up (with any luck) in Hornsby, Tennessee.

Oh, to amuse myself I am collecting license plates from states that we see along the highway. So far I have eleven. Haven’t seen any bear but I have been watching! I have seen ducks and squirrels, if they count as wildlife.

Signing off for now - Regina

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