Not a bit of writing, but we had fun!

Day One, April 12, 2018

Seven driving hours and 320 miles. Here we go on the start of our four-week trip out west. The plan is to arrive in Albuquerque, New Mexico in a week to pick up our daughter Kim, and then go explore the national parks in Arizona and Utah.

We planned to leave home about 10 this morning, but pulled out in the motor home about 11. An hour late; not bad for us. About an hour and a half down the road Paul said, “Did you get the cat?” Gasp!

We got the litter box, the extra litter, and the food for the cat. But we forgot the cat! In a panic, I called our daughter Lori. She assured me she would allow Clarice to spend the next four weeks in our granddaughter Olivia’s bedroom. Sigh.

Another hour on the road and we stopped for lunch. We opened the refrigerator and a dozen eggs landed on the floor. I guess we will have scrambled eggs for breakfast tomorrow.

In spite of this, the drive was great. We saw our first peak of mountains around two this afternoon and experienced our first “maybe we are lost” around 4 p.m. But we managed to find our first campsite by six this evening and are settled in now in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Tomorrow is a day of rest. I don’t want to tire Paul out, so I scheduled us one drive day and one rest day. There is a shuttle that stops at the campground hourly and goes to town. We may hitch a ride tomorrow and see the “sights.”

Oh, did I mention I forgot the bread? Scrambled eggs in the morning, but no toast. Oh well.

Pictures are of our first sight of the mountains at the North and South Carolina border and the road where we may have been lost.

Stay tuned for more adventures …

Blessings, Regina

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