Maybe tomorrow will be more exciting!

Absolutely nothing exciting happened today, but there is always tomorrow ... Day 4, April 15 ... Day Off the road, spent at Big Buck Camping Resort, Hornsby, Tennessee.

This was a day off for sure, nothing to do and nowhere to go, so we watched a lot of videos and did some catch-up editing.

I can’t say I am impressed with the campground. I was expecting something a little nicer. It reminds me of a state park campground. There is a lot of land here, some woods and rolling hills. It just needs a little love. Of course, we are here in early spring for west Tennessee, the ground is mud from all the rain and the only campers for the most part are long-term, and in need of love too.

But … I think I saw my bear paw. Paul is sure it is from a big dog, but hey, I can think what I want. And it is RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR CAMPER DOOR!!!

Tomorrow we head out for another long day of driving, hoping to arrive in Chekota, Oklahoma. I hope we are leaving the rain and cold behind.

For the grandchildren, I am sure I heard something sneak into my camper last night. I got up and checked around and didn’t see anything, but some of the other camp people say they have been seeing three small animals wandering around. Maybe I will leave some bait out tonight and see if I catch anything!

Safe travels, no matter where you're going, Regina

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