A day of rest

Day six was a day of rest. April 17. A day off.

Poor Paul needed rest after the long drive of yesterday. The campground is empty, the weather is warm and windy. We had a nice day. Enjoy the pictures!

We are happily situated at the Terra Starr RV Park in Checota, Oklahoma. After yesterday’s rugged introduction to this campsite, it turns out to be pretty nice. No one is here – either the season is too early or because it is not a week end. There are a lot of owner-spots here.

In addition to putting covers up to go over their campers to help with the summer heat, there is another first here for us – a tornado shelter! How cool is that?

We have a lake and there is a stiff breeze here (70 degrees too!) so there are little waves on the lake.

Hamburgers on the grill for lunch! Yum. Tomorrow we head out for Texas. Yahoo (waving pretend cowboy hat over my head). Another long day tomorrow, though, I am afraid. We are headed to Amarillo, Texas. Looks like a great camp site.

Not much happening on day six, which is good, I guess, since it is supposed to be a day of rest!

Oklahoma has been a great state. I will soon need to do laundry and find a grocery store for bread and milk.

Prayers for safety for you and yours and talk to you again soon, Regina

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