Three crosses ...

On this adventure of ours, we are headed toward Memphis, then on through Arkansas to Oklahoma. At least that is the plan! I am on the road right now.

We have been planning this trip out west with our youngest daughter, Kim, for almost two years. My husband, Paul, and I are driving our motor home from South Carolina to Albuquerque, where we will pick up Kim, who is flying from Ohio. Then the three of us will have two weeks of exploring the five federal parks in Arizona and Utah before we take Kim back to Albuquerque to return home.

As always, I am impressed with the vastness of our nation. We spent an entire day just driving through the state of Tennessee. A church, situated along a major highway, had three crosses facing the road. They were the tall, triangle shaped metal ones that you see now and then. There is one in Lake City, South Carolina.

Being the materialistic human that I am, my first thought was why three? Why go to the expense of three crosses when one is all that is needed? One cross is all that matters: the one our savior died on.

As the mind-numbing miles wore on, I thought about those crosses. What a testimony for that church before you even get in the door. Three crosses. When we die, each of us will be accountable for one of the crosses. We can never reach the perfection of Jesus, so the middle cross is out.

That leaves two crosses. Will we be on the cross where the mercy and blood of Christ saves us even though we are unworthy, or will we be on the cross where, to our dying breath, we refuse to acknowledge the man in the center as Lord? There are only these two choices.

I wish I remembered where that church was (other than somewhere in the zillion of hours we seemed to have driven while in Tennessee). I would write them and tell them well done! Maybe more travelers than me pass by and wonder why three crosses when one would be enough. Without the center cross, the other two are meaningless.

Which cross are you assigned to? There is still time to change if you are hanging out with the wrong crowd!


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