Seeing the value

I am on vacation and am in New Mexico right now. Yesterday (after our daughter Kim arrived with a car!) we took a road trip to an old mining town, now a tourist town, called Madrid of the movie Wild Hogs fame.

During our time there we toured the old mine buildings and learned that the town was a booming place until a few years after 1970, when the need for coal bottomed out. The owner of the mine (and thus the owner of the town) tried to sell the entire place for $250,000 but had no takers. No one wanted a defunct mining town.

Today you cannot buy a lot for that amount. The reason? Someone saw its worth. The creative minds of the nation discovered it and turned Madrid into a hot, crafty spot.

I remember, and many of you have heard this story, of the auction of an old violin. The violin was a mess and no one wanted it. An old man took the violin and tuned it and began to play. The bids flew!

The difference? Suddenly the people saw the violin’s worth.

These two incidents remind me of our relationship with Jesus. The world does not see value in our Lord. What would happen if each of us would show how much Christ means to us? Would those outside of Christ suddenly see His value and want to know more about Him?

Hope your week is sunny and full of worth - Regina

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