Tijeras, New Mexico

We finally have a car! No longer campground-bound, we took a road trip. Now we are a camper of three, with the addition of Kim. Day 11, Tijeras, New Mexico.

Kim arrived about noon. We had lunch, strategized, and then headed out to see the Turquoise Trail. Or part of it – we headed for Madrid, New Mexico, about 20 miles away. More scenery pictures on the drive to Madrid.

The turquoise trail follows Rt 14 and has many small towns. Many of the residents mine for turquoise and make crafts to sell. One of the better towns (we were told) was Madrid, an old coal mining town. We toured the mine buildings. The mine itself is closed off. Much of the original equipment remains, as well as a couple very old vehicles.

Madrid was very nice. A coal mining town in its peak before WWII, many of the houses were Sears and Roebuck kit houses and are still standing, only now they are craft stores. The coal mine operated well until after WWII and shut down totally in 1970. In 1970 the man who owned the mine (and thus the town) tried to sell the entire town for $250,000. No one would buy

it. Hippy-type people began to move in, and then the artistic crowd found the place. Now you can’t buy a single lot for $250,000. I loved that the crafts were locally made using local products.

One of the claims to fame for Madrid is the fact that it was the town used in the movie Wild Hogs. We visited the diner (now converted to a gift shop). No big thrill there but we can say we went. Not nearly as amazing as the mine tour.

All the wonderful stores and I managed to get away with ice cream cones, a sage bundle (supposed to be healing and cleansing) and a handmade clay vase to hold it.

Tomorrow we head to Monument Valley in lower Utah ... Blessings ... Regina

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