On the road again ...

We've been on the road two weeks. On the one hand, it doesn't seem we have been gone that long. In other ways, it seems like forever since we have been home. We are still having a great time. This country of ours is magnificent. We went from one type of rock formations to another and then another, with a real forest (short trees but they were trees) between!

We are in the Monument Valley, Arizona, area ... This was another day full of adventure. We headed out this morning, and after a stop at the gift shop, we drove to Gooseneck State Park, which is nothing more than a large pull-off with an amazing view of the San Juan River winding around on itself. It was pretty. Saw a few kayakers waaaaay down there.

From there we tried to get to Natural Bridges National Monument. We had every intention of NOT GOING on MokiDugway, which is described as narrow gravel switchback road that winds along a steep cliff-side. We ended up on MokiDugway when the road we were traveling suddenly turned into it!

Beautiful views and nail-biting turns later, and we got back on paved road and arrived at Natural Bridges National Monument. There is a nine-mile drive with pull-offs with views and paths taking you to the bottom of the park where the three stone bridges were. I would like to say we hiked to the bottom to see all three bridges but I only hiked one. The map said it was 0.3 miles, but let me tell you, up and down, stones and sand and roots, and it felt more like 3.0 miles!

But I made it to the bottom to stand under Owachomo Stone Bridge (and then Paul helped push me back up to the top).

By now we had missed lunch, eaten all our car snacks and were miles from anywhere with food. We managed to get back to our home base and ate supper out at the Navajo Monument Valley restaurant. I had green chili stew and Paul had a hamburger on flat bread. Kim had a tortilla with beef. We left stuffed and sleepy.

Tomorrow we are on the road (with the camper) for a short 200 mile jog to Moab, Utah, and arches and canyons!

Blessings, Regina

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