Enjoying the diversity

My husband and I are still traveling, and this week we spent a good deal of time in Arches National Park and Canyon National Park in Utah. Living in South Carolina, where I had to ask for a rock for Christmas and my husband had to pay big bucks to have one delivered, the sight of so many rocks is thrilling to me!

I look at the colors, the layers, the shapes. They are all so different. I learned that each color is from a material laid down thousands of years ago and now exposed by some cataclysmic event that heaved the lower layers up. So they say.

As I look at all this diversity, I imagine God creating the world. He said, let’s put down a layer of sand (zap) and now how about a layer of vegetation (zap). He scratches his jaw. Maybe some salt next and then some minerals (zap zap). Then He wraps His hand around the ball called earth and squeezes it tight, adds some water, blows on it to dry off places.

Then He squeezes again, and the layers begin to bulge and shift. Some raise high, the different layers showing off in the light. Add wind, and some of the softer layers begin to blow away and (zap) you have sand, pinnacles, towers, canyons and arches.

The big debate is if this process took thousands of years or if God made it happen within His six days of creation. I don’t know and I don’t care. I know God put the layers in place knowing the outcome, knowing the diversity would please His people. So here I am a zillion years later enjoying what God created for my pleasure.

You don’t have to go to Utah to see God’s glory. Take any small flower and look at each petal, how the colors vary, how the striations differ. The shapes and smells of each are unique. And look at us humans, at our diversity, our uniqueness. God is the master-artist!

Have a good week enjoying God’s diversity wherever you are.


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