Heading to Zion

Day 19, our day off. We visited Bryce Canyon National Park, somewhere in Utah ... Got up, packed a lunch for us, and headed to Bryce National Park.

I can’t imagine that we will see anything different. I am at the point after three parks of thinking I have seen it all. That was me going. I was SO WRONG. It is hard to believe that the landscape can be so different within such a short distance.

Isn't that just like God? We think we have it all figured out and he offers us something new!

If Monument Valley was all about red rocks and Navajo history, Arches all about eroded rock formations, and Canyon all about the river shaping the stone, then Bryce is all about hoodoos. The park contains miles and miles of rock that has been eroded laterally, making independent tall thin spires called hoodoos. Masses of them. Look closely, you'll see them!

We were really high – over 9,000 feet and it was COLD and windy. There were any number of baseball caps waaaay down below. It would have been a tough rescue, had we lost something over the rail!

Early to bed for us! The altitude, cold and exertion are exhausting! Tomorrow it is supposed to snow at Bryce, and I can believe it. But we will head to Zion and wander at the bottom of the canyon along the river rather than crawl across the top!

As far as spectacular views, Bryce has them. It is a stunning amazing place.


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