Many miles, many sites

Day 18, Driven 320 miles ... we are somewhere between Zion and Bryce ... Leaving Moab is a bit sad. I could stay here longer. My guess is my athletic grandson would love it here with all the hiking, jogging, biking, dirt biking etc.

I can see him silhouetted against the sky at the top of one of the many peaks. Maybe someday he will find his way here. In the meantime, we have to find our way west 300 plus miles to our next campground. There is a bit of trepidation over this campground. It seems the campground near Brice and Zion National Park all are full, so we have a reservation for a spot behind a motel. Hmm.

The whole area seems to be free range cattle land. It is not unusual to see two or three cows all alone for as far as I can see. There must be more cows, but I’m not sure where. There are road signs that say watch for cows in your lane. I guess if the cow is in the other lane you don’t have to worry about it!

The scenery is changing again, as it always is. And then, around a bend in the road, a heard of antelope! Honest to goodness, about fifteen of them, right off the road! I was taken by surprise and didn’t have a chance to snap a picture before we flew past them. But I saw them and it was amazing!

We saw prairie dogs perched by their tunnels, cows (lots of free range land here) and big black birds. Even though I kept my finger on the camera button for miles, I didn’t see any more antelope. I guess it will just have to be my memory, one I cannot pictorially share.

I road with Paul In the morning and then changed to ride with Kim in the afternoon. I told Paul to stop in a couple hours and I would change back to him. He didn’t stop. I kept waiting. He passed one roadside rest, a nice easy exit, and still he didn’t stop. I usually help him navigate off the highway to the campground, but he didn’t stop. I called. I texted, I called again. Five texts. He never stopped.

When we arrived – and he could have used my help, he had the radio cranked so loud he never heard the phone. He said he kept looking back, wondering when I wanted to switch vehicles, but I looked content and he kept going.

The land is till mountainous, still very dry, but it is chilly here. Kim, who is directing our itinerary, is having us see Bryce tomorrow as it is supposed to snow there the next day!

The motel is basically half a dozen little rooms off the highway, one of those small efficiency places. The camper spots are alongside, and are very close together but really not too bad. Better than I expected. I imagined the back side of a Holiday Inn, right by the dumpster. Across the street are the Pink Mountains.

I have had limited internet access here. They have wi-fi but it isn’t too reliable. I will post this when I can.

Best of everything - Regina

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