In case you need more power ...

This is my last week on-the-road, so I feel motivated to provide another travel analogy. As I am writing this, we are passing through the Texas panhandle, and for the past hour we have been seeing dozens (hundreds?) of huge windmills. These are the new metal ones, not the rancher-must-have-water wooden types.

We are driven by a need for power. We believe that when we flip the switch, the light will come on. If charged, our cell phones will work and our computers will operate. Power makes our lives easier. The power of gasoline runs our cars. Oil heats our homes, and electricity keeps us cool in hot summers. We trust all of this.

Then there is personal power. Many spend their lives seeking power either by advancements at work, more education, bragging rights over deeds-done, or the status of their bank accounts and the size of their homes.

Power equates value in our society. If you have power, you must be SOMEONE. I have to admit early in my nursing career I thought if I were in charge, I would do things differently. I would make a difference. And then I had the chance and found myself humbled rather than uplifted.

It is ironic, as I pass these massive rotating symbols of power, that the greatest source of power is ignored. As Christians we are not to rely on our own understanding but to seek the Lord. He will meet our needs. Is prayer really that powerful? Not as a mumbled group of words, but my Christ is powerful, and He hears our prayers if offered in faith.

We flip the light switch expecting the light to turn on. We pray, but do we REALLY expect God to answer? Do we have the same faith in God that we have in electricity? Are we worshiping the created rather than the creator? As the symbols of power pass my window, I meditate on the real source of power in my life, Jesus Christ.

Have a blessed and empowered week, Regina

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