We saw a Road Runner!

It is Day 24, a day off the road, and we are in Tijera, New Mexico. Today we sent Kim home.

We will miss having our daughter with us and we hope she had a good time hanging with us old folks. I know we held her back at times on the hikes, but we are what we are. With her goes our transportation, other than the camper. We put a lot of miles on that rental car, navigating from National Park to National Park!

This morning we made a quick trip to Old Town Albuquerque since we missed it last time. Remember the horrible taxi fee? It was a pretty place, nicely restored, but all small shops and one old church, the first in New Mexico. They still hold services there.

On our way back from Old Town we FINALLY saw a road runner! Funny story about that, when we were in Monument Valley we were looking for road runners and a lady from Australia said she thought that road runners were only cartoon characters. Our guide at Monument Valley said they see them often at the park, sometimes perched on top of cars.

No such luck for us, but we diligently searched all dusty areas as we drove by, looking for the speeding birds. We had given up when along the side of the highway among all of those concrete overpasses, there was a road runner trying to jump from one cement wall to another! No picture, but we saw it! Honest!

We have the afternoon to rest before we head out tomorrow for Amarillo, Texas, same campground as when we came in. From there we need to decide if we are going home the same way (the northern route) or take the southern route. Stay tuned!

Oh yeah!

I got a picture of that license plate today!

Enjoy - Regina

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