Heading down hill from here

Today is Day 25. We drove 254 miles from Tijera, New Mexico to Amarillo, Texas. As we leave the campground in Tijera I check the altimeter on my phone. We are at 6,790 feet. We have been 5,000 feet or above for over a week, and it will be good to get to a lower level. Down hill from here.

When boredom sets in, we tend to create our own excitement. We are still in New Mexico (think of Roswell) and just passed a semi hauling three large covered objects. The truck was from Ohio. Paul’s story: the truck is hauling an alien space craft to Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio. Could be.

10:30 a.m. We stopped at a rest area and the sign said that at this point the grassy plains meets pine upland. One thing I have really enjoyed about this trip is the times where, as far as I could see, there has only been evidence of God’s hand. I could see nothing man-made. No buildings, no utility poles, and sometimes no other people or cars. Just land made by God. This is not a picture from today, but a good example of what I will miss.

Noon (1 p.m. new time) We left New Mexico and arrived in Texas. Opted to skip a lunch break since we are an hour from our destination. I grabbed us a couple of granola bars and we are good. I think we have left the mountains behind us.

The land has flattened.

2:20 p.m. New time, again, and we are here at Amarillo, again, stopping for the night.

The weather is much warmer here now ... No more sweater weather

I think we will go ahead and drive tomorrow rather than taking a day off since we had a short day today. From the front driving window, it should all look familiar!

Now to get settled. I have roast beef marinating in the refrigerator for Paul to grill while I do some squash or something for a vegetable.

Too windy to grill. Plan B - ? Make sure you have your Plan B in place ... or Plan C or ...


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