Home is nearly in sight

Day 26 and we're leaving Amarillo and headed east ...driven 314 miles ... We got a nice early start at 8:30 a.m.

The sun was hazy and it was expected to be 95 and windy here in Amarillo. We don’t have a campground lined up for tonight. There aren’t any Good Sam campgrounds on I-40 in Oklahoma close to where we may want to stop, so we are leaving on faith that we can find something. Not going to worry about it. None of the campgrounds are full this time of year during the week.

We stopped at a roadside rest and information center just inside the Oklahoma boarder and was given info on where to stop for the night. In addition, a park ranger was there serving coffee and cookies. It is national travelers’ week! Who knew?

I have all states now except Connecticut and Delaware. I will keep an eye out for them. Heading east, there is still a chance. Besides that, I have three provinces in Canada, an international license plate and one from Mexico.

The landscape is rolling and increasingly greener as we head east. I have missed the green.

The windmills are back, and we are seeing a lot of things we remember from the trip out, like a crooked water tower, an unusual sign, or the Oklahoma City skyline.

Along the way I spotted a neat homestead. I could live there.

We are making up our days as we go since we don’t have places lined up to stop. We decide each day how far we think we can go, and head out.

The plan was for about six hours today and the Information Center worker gave us an Oklahoma book and showed us a campsite she recommended, Catfish Roundup. It is part of a restaurant. How convenient is that? It is known for its catfish, so I hear a dinner out tonight! I wouldn’t recommend it for a family – there is nothing to do, but for an overnight for us seasoned folk, it is perfect: full hookup and a tree!

Tomorrow we will most likely try to get to somewhere in Arkansas. We are ticking the states off, one at a time!

Home soon, Regina

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