Where there's a will ...

Day 27. Leaving Seminole, Oklahoma, headed for somewhere in Arkansas ... Miles driven: 540!!!

We seem to be on a roll, getting started by 8:30 a.m. Bought gas at the Seminole Reservation Casino (right across the street from where we stayed) and headed out. Last night we planned a tentative route, heading south this time on Rt. 20 rather than north on Rt. 40. But for now we are still on 40.

I took a picture out the camper window this morning. I don’t think it needs any explanation. A few minutes later a very tall man got in the car and drove away, headed, it seems, for adventure. Where there is a will, there is a way, so they say.

Just sitting here thinking. We have been living in about 250 square feet for the past month and are returning to 4,000 square feet. I feel overwhelmed. Maybe it is time to sell the big house and build me that little log cabin I have been wanting … just saying.

10:43 a.m. Just saw my armadillo! It was dead along the side of the highway, but it was an armadillo none the less. Now if I can just find that rattle snake … Altimeter just read 577 feet! We are certainly coming down in the world!

We are in Arkansas. I think this is a nice state. It reminds me quite a bit of Ohio, with the rolling tree-covered hills. I would like to come back and visit sometime. Right now, though, I just want to get home. We drove from the desert to the prairie to the Emerald City all in one day!

6 p.m. Somewhere during the day we passed into Tennessee and out of Tennessee and into Mississippi. We are within 10 miles of being out of Mississippi. There is a reason folks going West head North rather than South. There are no camping parks. We wanted to stop just outside of Memphis but couldn’t find a spot. We drove all the way through Mississippi.

Finally we asked the gas station attendant when we got gas. He said, “There are lots of trees here. Just pull behind some.” We finally came upon a local park/campground. Paul is paying now. He has been in the information station an awfully long time. No lunch break and no supper break. We ate in our seats.

Site 42. This park is run by the federal corp of engineers and there are tons of them, or so "she" said. And there is a directory. Who knew? We will be getting one of those!

I am soon headed to bed. Tomorrow may be another long day. I think I have a hubby who is homesick for his dog.

From the road - Regina

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