Home, sweet, home!

I am sending this out from my own sweet sun room table. I have enjoyed sharing my trip with you. Thanks for coming along. I hope you make the trip someday if you never have. If you have already been, I hope this blog brought back some good memories.

We drove our final 197 miles, from Crawfordsville, Georgia. to HOME. It was the final day of our month-long trip. The desire to be home was acute, since we are so close. Paul performed his last duty as sanitation engineer for the trip. We headed down the road at nearly 10 a.m., following our breakfast and clean up, with sunny, 75-degree weather. We are at 570 feet elevation. I am growing to love statistics.

There's a lovely railroad beside me, as we are following this narrow winding road out of the park. I don’t know how bigger campers get through here. Too bad there wasn’t a train going by, we would have been up-close-and-personal with it.

Wateree River. One hour from home ... This is the final view from the front window of our camper ...

2 p.m.: HOME! Altitude 153 feet.

So there it is. We traveled 4,810 miles, went through eleven states (some twice), and saw 48 of the 50 states’ license plates, missing only Connecticut and Delaware. I got the hard ones, Hawaii and Alaska.

Four weeks and one day on the road. Not a single tough problem. At one point the sink faucet blew up and the bathroom decided to have an attitude, but both were corrected.

God blessed us well by allowing us to see some of the most amazing sites in our nation. I have a new appreciation for what lies west of the Mississippi River and a new love for what lies east of it.

Thanks for sharing the journey with me, Regina

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