Day 28: Mississippi to Georgia

Miles driven: 354. Our long drive yesterday ended in this beautiful park. Paul and I have decided if (when?) we wander this way again, perhaps to try our luck digging for diamonds in Arkansas, we will stop here again.

As we are headed down Mississippi’s highway, and quickly entered Alabama, I am struck again by the variety of greens. I feel like I have returned home, not home-home, but environmental home. It is interesting the feeling of belonging I have to the greenness of the landscape.

I loved the variety out west, the colors of the rock, the different soils, the dwarfed plants, but I could never live there. There seemed to be no life.

Green shouts life to me, and I seem to have a need to be surrounded by it. If I lived in the desert I am sure I would learn to appreciate the life that is teeming in the dry arid (or freezing) landscape. It is there, but I have not learned to see it. To me, it felt like a colorful landscape of amazing geological forms, but void of life.

My guess is those who have lived their lives in the desert come to the east and wonder how we can see nature’s life hidden under all this grass. I guess they would feel smothered by the trees blocking their view. Just a guess.

And then there are the trains. Always the trains. I managed to navigate us through Birmingham and all its construction, so now we are on I-20, where we will remain until we get home!

Home. What a blessed sound.

It is 5:15 p.m. and we are parked at Stephens State Historical Park half way between Atlanta and Augusta. Now to fix supper one last time in my camper kitchen! For this last night away from home ...


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