The one most needed thing

It always amazes me when a scripture I have read over and over suddenly prompts a whole new string of thoughts in my mind.

Consider Luke 10:41. Jesus is at the house of Mary and Martha. Martha is busy trying to fix a meal while Mary is sitting around listening to Jesus talk. I always figured Martha was ticked off because of Mary’s actions. But what if that isn’t all of the story?

Jesus knew Martha’s heart and He knows mine. He knows, for instance, about that small itch that I could have ignored but that, instead, became a fire-ant welt! He knows my feelings and my stressing over things. What if Martha was worried and upset “over many things,” besides getting a meal on the table? And JESUS KNEW!

His answer to all of her angst, be it fixing the meal or other issues simmering was “only one thing is needed.” What is that one thing? To answer the question, Jesus said Mary chose the better answer (better than stressing or simmering or ruminating?).

The answer is time with Jesus.

I had a friend once who was fired from a job. Almost immediately he said, “I need to go to my car and spend some time with my bible and in prayer.” I was confused. Now, though, I have learned to appreciate the Godly attitude he displayed.

He chose the better way.

I don’t know if Martha had other burdens that Jesus was trying to help her with, or if the story is as simple as it seems. Either way, the best choice we can make on how to spend our time is to spend it with Jesus. It is the better way.

Whatever you have to give up so you can carve out a few minutes each day with Jesus will be worth it! The meal preparation and dishes can wait.

Let’s agree to be less stressed together! Have a blessed week – Regina

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