3 most amazing things

I have been thinking, again, about the amazing God I serve. His love is inconceivable to me, and, apparently, to most of mankind. World religions all have guidelines for living a good life. The teachings are noble and worthy to be followed. But the followers of these created gods must wade through the process of life alone. Not so with my God.

Other religions teach that their gods sit back and lets the process of life happen. Their gods live in perfect places where the followers hope to earn a room if they live a good enough life. These man-made gods may give a nod to earth now and then, but if you need to get their attention you have to sacrifice, burn incense, or make some sort of mayhem that will catch their attention.

And then the god may or may not help you, may or may not send rain, may or may not heal your land. He doesn’t really care. I understand why humans gave this personality to their gods. After all, god is so far above us, how can he care? Here are three of the most amazing things about my God.

One, my God, Jehovah, doesn’t concern Himself that humans cannot understand His nature. He is beyond our comprehension and doesn't operate as we do.

Two, we mortals cannot fathom the depth of His love, nor His desire to spend time with us. We are limited, He is not!

And three, Yes! He wants to sit with me, give me direction for my life, pat my shoulder when I do well, and hold me when I cry. God wants the same with you. He is the creator, and yet He yearns to be with His created.

The God of Jacob, Isaac, Abraham, and Regina Smeltzer wants to spend time with His creation. I don’t understand it, but I believe it. I am grateful for it. I am blessed by it. Now I need to act like it.

I (we) don’t have to do life alone. We don’t have to understand, but we do have to believe. Pass this message along to those who need to hear it!

Have a blessed week being with God -Regina

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