Touching God's face

The sentiments in this blog are a repeat from a few years ago. The truth is the same and this truth has been on my mind this week. Besides, I love this picture and this is an excuse to use it again ... So here we go ...

Have you noticed how babies reach up to touch your face? We smile and lean towards them so they can reach us. We not only allow, but enjoy their attempt to get to know us in this personal way. They have invaded our space, and yet our hearts melt in joy at their touch.

God says to seek His face. He wants us to get to know Him, not as an allusive figure in the sky somewhere, but as a Personal God, one we can touch and know in the most intimate way. I have never considered touching God’s face before. The very thought terrifies me.

His face evokes thoughts of the amorphous Wizard of Oz: huge, looming, present but unapproachable. I will most undoubtedly fall on my face in fear when the time comes. But then I remember that Jesus will take me to the Father. He will introduce me as a child unblemished and perfect. I can then reach up and touch the Father.

We serve a living God - a father that wants to be with us. He wants us to seek His face, to get to know Him now so that our arrival in Heaven will be a joyous reunion. Seeking God’s face – how is it done?

The same as with any relationship, I suppose. It takes time devoted to just Him. It takes sharing our most personal thoughts and listening to His. I reach up my arms and can almost feel His face … almost.

I still have work to do. Can you imagine touching the face of God? Have you tried? I am excited about what could happen when we do ...

Blessings - Regina

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