Are we ever prepared enough?

This is a picture of my first grandchild. He just turned 16. I remember his birth, his first step, his first day of school. I remember all the silly things he did (and does). I have watched the sixteen years fly by.

Soon he will graduate and go to college. Have I done my part in preparing him enough? Is he ready for the future God has planned for him?

LIGHT OF LOGAN, set for ebook sales in October and print in April 20109, opens with Mr. Charlie, a blind elderly man, sitting on the courthouse steps of a small southern town named Logan. He settles in to wait, just as he has for the past two years. But today his breaths are shallow.

Tension stiffened his spine. They were gathering; time was short. He hoped he had prepared her enough.

Mr. Charlie believes that God called him to prepare Ruth Cleveland, a young, insecure woman, for an unknown task. For two years he has tried to help her mature into an independent woman capable of making wise choices. Mr. Charlie is fearful, knowing his time with Ruth is about over, and whatever challenge she will face is about to happen. Has he done enough? Can she handle the uncertain future?

Mr. Charlie struggles with the same thoughts most parents struggle with. As children enter the first day of kindergarten, start high school, get that coveted driver’s license, head to college or the workforce, have we prepared them enough? Are they ready?

Mr. Charlie was given a task by God. Just as parents, grandparents, teachers and youth leaders. So have aunts and uncles, neighbors and friends. The time is short. Whatever children God has put in your life, know He put them there for a reason.

Soon you will be able to discover if Mr. Charlie prepared Ruth for her future. It may be years before you see the fruit of your teachings. But if the seeds are planted, God will make them grow.



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