Light of Logan ... Do you have a Mr. Charlie in your life?

Sometimes I see myself as a kite, someone seeking adventure but needing to remain tethered to the ground.

I get bored easily, and often am eager to go gadding about looking for something new. But even so, at the end of the day I need to go home. I want my bed, my kitchen, my own shower. I need to know that something stable is there. I want, I need, to be tethered.

Ruth, my young protagonist in Light of Logan, is also like a kite. Where I embrace a different routine because I KNOW I am tethered, she is fearful. Living in a strange town, employed in an uncertain job, friendless and unable to afford to go home, she flies without an anchor. Until she meets Mr. Charlie.

Mr. Charlie is the stabilizing force in her life. He becomes her mentor, her friend, and the base that keeps her grounded. Every evening on her way home from work she passes the courthouse, and every evening he is sitting on the steps. Consistent. Predictable. Reliable. Her tether.

But one evening as she leaves work she wonders what would happen if he was not be there? What if some day he disappeared? Fearfully, she races up the street.

He was there, sitting on the courthouse steps just as he’d always been, Monday through Friday, for the past two years. His gnarled hands were wrapped around the white cane, and he seemed focused on the nothingness that drew him to the same spot each day (Light of Logan, pg. 2.)

Ruth didn’t know why Mr. Charlie came, she just accepted that he did. She didn’t know what captured his attention, being blind, but he always appeared caught up in something that perhaps only he could see.

Ruth’s relationship to Mr. Charlie is much like mine to God. God is the tether for my live. I can sail around as though on a whim, but God is there to pull me in when I need Him to. He is there to keep me from flying too far, from getting tangled up in wires of temptation. He is there at the end of my day to provide the stability that I need, the knowledge that someone greater than me is in control.

Mr. Charlie is teaching Ruth to stand up for herself, to think her own thoughts and trust her own heart, rather than others. Mr. Charlie waits, day after day, for his few minutes with Ruth. I wonder what God is doing as he waits, day after day, for His few minutes with me?

I hope you have a tether, a force to keep you grounded when the wind blows hard or life shifts you off course. We all need a Mr. Charlie; we all need God, as Ruth will learn.

God is the hand that holds the strings of my life. Who holds yours?

Blessings, Regina

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