A new reality: The taxing of church properties

Money is tight everywhere. Most families are living from one paycheck to the next. In today’s inflated economy, income often does not meet the normal everyday expenses of raising a family.

My church also struggles to meet its budget. I’m not saying we cannot pay our bills, but money is tighter than in the past. God is aware, and His work continues.

What if the church is suddenly faced with a new debt, like paying real estate taxes? Can that debt be absorbed by the stretched budgets? If individuals fail to pay real estate taxes, houses are foreclosed. So, rationally, congregations that cannot pay the real estate tax would find the buildings taken from them.

In my book, Light of Logan, with a September 28 publication date, a new law has been passed that allows real estate tax to be collected from churches. The goal of the law is good, to have money to help repair roads, raise the salaries of teachers and police officers, and improve the overall infrastructure of the bankrupt towns. Convincing the lawmakers that churches are not all affluent and will be unable to meet this tax has been unsuccessful, as most believe that churches are rich.

Stewart Gleason, state representative for Logan, South Carolina, is opposed to the proposed law. He says: “In my church, we have a membership of about 500. On an average Sunday morning, the attendance is around 180. Of those who come regularly, about a third tithe. The others toss a dollar in the plate — maybe. On a good year, we collect eighty percent of our projected budget.” (Light of Logan, pg. 20)

Satan has many tactics to turn Christians against God. One big way is through money. God tells us to give our tithe to our church. But surely that does not mean me. I have four kids to feed. I have bills to pay. I have … and on it goes.

There is a national movement to repeal the church’s tax exemption status. Light of Logan shows what happens when Satan gets his way and such a law is passed. But what Satan means for evil, God turns to good.

I cling strongly to the knowledge that God blesses us through our tithes. This means God will bless me and my family personally. A dollar amount cannot be calculated for God’s blessing. Are you receiving God’s blessing through your tithe?

If not, try tithing for a few months and see what happens. God will provide! We cannot allow Satan to win the battle of money because we fail to trust God to keep His promise.

Have a blessed week, and don't forget to pre-order your copy of LIGHT OF LOGAN!

Blessings, Regina

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