Be encouraged! You got this!

You may have seen a commercial on television that depicts the first day of school, and as the children exit the school buses, parents line the sidewalk and give the students high-fives, cheer them on, and clap.

One mother clutches her hand to her chest as her child walks past. What a powerful display of support to our kids.

You can do it!

You got this!

I am here for you!

I can hear the thoughts of the parents as they watch their children.

The teachers of these children have awesome responsibilities, and our role as Christian witnesses is no less important. At times I wonder if my time could be better used than sitting hours in front of a computer screen generating words for others to read. But I keep on because I believe I make a difference.

I believe God puts readers in my path for a reason. I know I am in God’s will, but sometimes I long for that line of support cheering me on. I am reminded of one of my favorite verses. Joshua 1:9, “… Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

We are confronted with zillions of opportunities each day to represent good in our jobs, our time at Walmart, or in our waits to check-out at the grocery store. We go where God places us because He leads us there. He empowers us. Each time we go out into the world, we need to keep this picture in our mind ... God is there with His special angels, giving us high-fives, beaming with pride. He is telling us ...

We can do it!

We do have a handle on this!

He is here for us!

Whatever your role this week, wherever you are headed, whoever you interact with, know that God has your back. He is cheering you on, giving you strength to be the Christian and person He created you to be.

No job is too hard, no task too small, no person too aggravating for God. Have a blessed week and go, knowing you go with the Lord.

Blessings, Regina

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