Sheltered & safe ... are you?

When I was a little girl I was afraid of the dark. I hated going to the basement at night, sure hands would reach out from under the open stairs and pull me through. For whatever reason, I believed monsters lived in the dark and waited to devour little girls.

I made sure the closet door was closed before I went to bed. So it is no surprise that, as a tiny girl, when I had to use the bathroom at night, I called for my dad to take me. I would lay awake, listening for signs of the monster. I had to remain still because if the monster knew I was awake he would come for me.

So only as a last resort would I call for my dad, quietly, hoping my dad would hear, but the monster would not. Only my dad would do. Only my dad could protect me from the monster. And so my dad would come, take me to the bathroom and safely tuck me back in bed, never once complaining about disrupting his sleep. All was good.

During Hurricane Florence recently I appreciated the protection my house provided from the storm, but houses can fail. To me, fathers do not.

Just as I knew my earthly father could defeat the monster in the closet, my Heavenly Father promises to keep me safe. As a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, He longs to gather me beneath His shelter of safety. As long as I am with Him, no monster, no situation, no threat can consume me.

All I, you, need to do is call Him. And when I, you, do, He hears my, your, small, feeble cry.

What are you going through right now?

Life holds many monsters, some real, others imagined, but no less scary. My father protected me from the monsters in my childhood closet. My Father protects me from the monsters of adulthood. He is faithful and His arms are wide.

You don’t have to battle your storm alone, beat the dragon with your own strength, or try to hide from the darkness. You have a Father willing to come to your aid!

Have a blessed week resting in the arms of your creator -- Regina

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