Facing your fears, your past, your secrets

Secrets. Skeletons in closets. Dirt swept under the rug.

Whatever you want to call it, many people have something they don’t want others to know. Many times the issue is minor, a miscommunication or mistake easily forgiven. Other times the consequences, if revealed, would have life-altering consequences.

In my character Ruth, my upcoming book, Light of Logan, I used the human tendency to hide our mistakes. Ruth has a secret she believes is so damaging that keeping the secret prevents her from going home. There is one thing her mother must never know.

Ruth touched the chain around her neck. Its revelation would unravel the thread of any relationship they maintained.

Ruth struggles alone, without the support her mom could provide, out of a mixture of fear and pride. Even worse, Ruth is not a Christian. She does not have the love of Christ to see her through.

What are your secrets and why do you hold onto them so tightly? God knows them, is eager to forgive them and to give you the freedom you need. Imagine, life without that bit of darkness and hidden pain.

Ruth’s secret is eventually revealed, the consequences dealt with, and … well, I don’t want to spoil the book, but it has a redemptive ending!

If you have skeletons in your closet, this is the perfect time to give them to God. Let Him help you work through the consequences. The release will be amazing. Your life deserves a happy ending.

Blessings, Regina

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