How to get a pot to boil

Will it ever happen? Will God ever answer my prayer? A watched pot never boils. How many times have I thought of that old saying when waiting for the pasta water to boil – or waiting for an answer to prayer.

We live in a time of immediacy: instant mashed potatoes, online purchasing, constant communication, live news as it happens. We wait for nothing. So, when our prayers are not answered in 24 hours, we assume prayer does not work, or worse, God does not care.

God doesn’t work on my timeline. Hours and minutes lose their bite to the eternal nature of God. Joseph prayed for 13 years before God released him from prison. Ruth spent backbreaking months gleaning left-over grain before God revealed His plan. And what about Abraham and Sarah? A child in old age … not on my timeline!

Do we have the same zeal after years of praying for the same thing as we did on the first day we made the request? I tend to focus on the fact that God has not answered my prayer, rather than living in peace, knowing in His time His plan will become known.

I need to have the same faith that God will answer my prayer as I do in the fact that eventually that pot will boil. Watching it not boil won’t make it happen faster nor prove that it never will.

Have you been praying for the same thing over and over, and have not yet received an answer?

God hears you. He hears me. He is moving the pieces of life around, preparing to put the final piece in place so your pot can boil and your prayer can be answered.

How to get that watched pot to boil? Turn around and leave it. Wait. There it is! In our rapid world, waiting is a foreign concept, but not to God. Live in peace, knowing God has your request and is working on it. Your pot will boil.

Have a blessed week -- Regina

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