What are your crowns?

Crown Him with Many Crowns! I love this old hymn. I love the whole concept of crowns. There is a great verse that supports this.

In Revelation 4 we see kings laying their crowns before Jesus. When I sing this hymn or think of this verse my mind conjures up images of King Arthur of the Round Table, with his flaring cape, removing his crown and kneeling before the thrown of Jesus. Nice image, but what does it mean for me, the crownless one?

I doubt God provided this scripture and this image for the fun of me conjuring up heroes of the past, or even so I could grasp the fact that someday the worldly powers will bow to Him. I believe the scripture is more personal than that, so this has a meaning for me.

As a child I dreamed of being a princess, wearing flowing gowns and a diamond tiara. Crowns represent sovereignty, and the one wearing the crown is the human personification of that power. I never became a princess, either by birth or marriage.

But, according to God’s scripture, I still have crowns I need to lay before Jesus.

So what are my crowns? What defines me?

I wear many titles. Some titles I am proud to claim are Christian, wife, mother, grandmother, nurse, and author. These roles define me. These are my crowns. All of these crowns were placed on my head by God, and belong to Him.

I am His child because of Jesus. I am a wife, mother and grandmother because He moved the pieces around to make it happen. I became a nurse by coincidence it seems, but God knows otherwise. I am an author not due to my effort, but by the grace He provides.

Before I allow myself to get too puffed up with the power vested in me by my crowns, I need to remember all of my crowns are borrowed! They do not belong to me, but are given so that I can be the representative of the one who owns all, God Himself.


In due time I will lay the crowns of my life back at His feet in acknowledgement of who they really belong to. In due time I will get my crown. God promises it. It will be the crown of life.

Wear your crowns with honor and humility my friends -- Regina

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