Thankful for my car

While growing up, the thing that I dreaded most was getting into the car. We only traveled as a family if we were going somewhere fun, like Grandma’s. The excitement of the adventure was tempered with the anxiety of the process.

Our cars tended to be unreliable. My sister and I would sit in the back, afraid to make a sound as our dad settled himself in the seat and slipped the key into the ignition. That’s when the tension mounted.

Would the car start? On the times when it did not, my dad’s shoulders would slump and my mom would be a bit more verbal with her frustration. Our outing was either cancelled or colored by the stress of getting there.

During November we traditionally celebrate thankfulness, and I plan to blog on things I am thankful for. First is my car.

I have a cute little red Suzuki. It has close to 100,000 miles on it, but it starts every time. In the past month it has taken my husband and me to Pennsylvania, Ohio, and to the beach. We have traveled to see grand kids run cross country. The car has provided transportation to the grocery store and to church.

No stress. No fear.

God has blessed my family. Neither my parents nor I suffer the anxiety of “will the car start?” We all have reliable transportation.

This is not the case for many people, who drive worn-out vehicles. Others can’t afford a beat-up car, and use public transportation, as inconvenient and unreliable as it is in my part of the country. I never forget to appreciate my car, the freedom it provides, the convenience it allows, and the release from stress. God is good.

What do you have that makes your life easier? Remember, especially during November, to give a prayerful high-five to the One Who Provides. It is easy to forget to be thankful for things that seem routine and mundane (like a car).

Tell me, what are you most thankful for? Share your thoughts with me here and on FaceBook. I look forward to hearing from you!

Blessings, Regina

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